Marla Mase has produced over 2500 events/parties since founding in 1991. She is a playwright, performer, producer, poet and songwriter, She holds an MA from NYU in writing/performance and performs throughout the city. Most importantly, she is the mother to two beautiful souls.
Marla uses her theatrical slant in creating parties. She has an astute eye for casting entertainers that love what they do and therefore are tops at doing what they do. She believes that first and foremost parties are about "fun." When clients are stressed, she reminds them, "What could be bad? It's a party. All is good."
It's her love for theatre that has made her company one of the premier children's party companies in NYC and it is what gives parties their dramatic flair/edge. A party needs to be dramatic, not necessarily in a "big" way, it can be subtle — there is an energy to a party, a story to an event and we try and tell it or let it unfold. "The parties I do are not about me, it is about the client's vision and the event itself, each with its own heart, mind, and individual flavor. Of course, that means, they can never be replicated."
Marla Mase grew up in Canarsie Brooklyn, moved to Tribeca when she was 18 and hasn't left the island or neighborhood since. She loves wearing crazy hats and ripped t-shirts.